Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Tot's Routine Before Bedtime

The little guy in the family has dominated most of our rooms with his toys, books and little tot's stuffs. I used to have the bulk of his toys in the family room and then some in his room. But I decided to move all his toys to the family room and just leave the books and educational toys in his bedroom. I even moved his table and chairs and some art supplies to his room. This way he can concentrate on reading and learning and not get distracted with other toys. We have quiet time together and read or browse through all the books he is interested in. His potty is also in his bedroom, so he is always with a book when he's using it. I am planning to buy some lighting fixtures online that I will put close to his table and chairs because he likes doing some artwork too at night. He has this habit of going through all three areas in his room before finally retiring to bed - the book shelf; the table and chairs with all his art supplies and the toy bin with his wooden educational toys. Setting a special time and place for reading without any interruptions will develop your child's interest and love for reading.

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