Friday, February 13, 2009

Preserving Precious Jewelries

When I was still single, I used to have a special fascination for necklaces. Necklaces were my best friends. I've got quite a few pieces of yellow gold and white gold necklaces as well as fashion jewelry ones with matching earrings. I worked in a client-oriented environment, so I really dressed-up and accessorized. Necklaces were part of my regular accessories. I wore them all the time and I felt like something was missing if I didn't have one hanging around my neck. Even when I was not working anymore, I still wore my necklaces until I've got a baby. Having a very curious baby became impossible for me to keep any neck wear in place. My son's attention was always drawn on my necklaces and he would grab them; clasp them real tight and put them in his mouth. They would almost break at most time he did that. And so for practical reason and for my peace of mind, I just stopped wearing them. But my love for necklaces and beautiful pendants still remains.

Now that my son is a little bit older and can comprehend well already, I am beginning to wear my favorite pieces again. My love for jewelry had taught me how to care and preserve them properly. Cleaning jewelries all depends on what kind they are. Diamonds, pearls and gemstones require different cleaning treatment that you usually can just do yourself. But some very precious ones should only be trusted to professional cleaners. I don't use abrasive chemicals to remove grimes on my jewelries as they will certainly damage them. I only use warm water with detergent soap to clean my diamonds to get the natural sparkle and shine back. But with my pearls I use gentle baby soap instead.

I also store my precious pieces in a big jewelry box with separate compartments and very soft lining to avoid scratching. The box also has a lock to secure the jewelries from the prying eyes and curious hands of my little tot. Oh believe me, one second I turned my back one time, he had already scooped out some of my pieces and put them in his cup of milk. One of my earrings' locks popped out and until now I haven't found it yet. So I learned my lesson and always keep my jewelry box locked.

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  1. ohhhh he put it in his cup of milk.. what a smart boy! heheheh.. thanks for the info about jewelry, that teach me how.. keep blogging as I also keep on reading and following!