Thursday, February 19, 2009

Planning Trips Made Easy

Traveling is one of the things that my hb and I enjoy doing. Every year we really set aside travel budget and we are normally away for at least two weeks. We have been to different places outside and within the United States. We have quite a lot of books about travel guides, and I would say they are good investments for people who love to travel. It makes travel easier to plan when you have one of these books and you can maximize your vacation time. The most recent trip we had as a couple minus our son, was in England and we enjoyed this trip tremendously. We stayed in a hotel at the very busy and exciting downtown London conveniently located across a train station. For a week we combed through different famous tourist spots; ate in well-known restaurants and pampered ourselves with lots of souvenirs. If we're not busy sight-seeing, Border bookstores were our favorite destination. Both hb and I love to read and we enjoyed the extensive selection of books at Borders. We actually took home some souvenir books and hb ordered some text books online. Check out borders jan 2009 at to find great deals not only on books but also on CD's, DVD's, magazine subscriptions and more with free shipping to store.

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