Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Safety Tips

While trick or treating should be a fun experience, with lots of children running amuck, laughing, screaming, and showing off their wonderful costumes, its should also be a time to take extra precautions. Here are some Halloween safety tips for your children to follow that will make their might out a fun and secure experience.

  1. Smaller children should go in groups of two or more families - always with two adults.
  2. Older children should be required to go in groups of five or more kids, tell you the exact path they plan to take, and when they will be home. It is also a good idea to make sure your children stay within walkie-talkie range and check in from time to time.
  3. Make sure your children only go to houses of people you know.
  4. Avoid any homes that are not well lit and do not have front porch lights on.
  5. Never go into the home or hallway of a home to retrieve candy.
  6. Always use the intersection and never cross in the middle of the street or take a short cut through alleys.
  7. Avoid wearing dark costumes, jackets, or other clothing that cannot be seen at night.
  8. If wearing dark costumes, use reflective tape on both the front and back side of the costume.
  9. Purchase or make flame retardant costumes.
  10. Avoid masks, that can often obstruct the breathing passage as well as your child's vision to not only see what is in front of him/her but who may be coming up from the side. If possible, stick to face paint instead of masks.
  11. Keep sharp objects at home. When running to the next house, children can fall and hurt themselves on dangerous objects, or swing it around and poke the eye out of a passerby.
  12. Carry an emergency whistle and/or can of pepper spray.
  13. Bring along a flash light.
  14. Always examine the candy before eating. Make sure there are no needle points or other signs that someone has tampered with the candy and throw out any unwrapped or opened candies.
Source : Kid's Corner of The Mansfield Buz


Friday, October 17, 2008

My Design Workbench's First Give-away

Blogging has been a great tool for me to meet new friends from all over the world, friends of all shapes and sizes. I admire many bloggers who do not only write great posts but are also very talented and creative in terms of designing blog layouts, digi-scrapping, and what have you. Cathy of My Design Workbench is one of them, who incidentally is holding her first give-away of free blog custom design.

Why did she come up with this give-away all of a sudden, you might ask? Well she just recently found out that she's pregnant of her second child and she's just so excited to share her blessings and talents to everyone. So what better way to express this excitement and share this wonderful blessing but hold a mini-contest. So if you think you need a blog makeover, then spread the word around. Blog about this mini-contest and win a free layout to your taste and liking and other fabulous prizes.

Read below to learn more about the contest.

How would you like to have a custom design of your blog by me, FOR FREE? Have you long to change the colors but just could not figure out which would work best? How about the style, three columns? Two columns? How to do this? How to do that?

Well, leave to it to me honey! All you have to do is spread the word and on Nov 10th I’ll announce the lucky ones. But wait, you have to comment with the link of the post you made. I will assure you that I will check and comment on your post. So get it on!

Prices are:

First Prize:

Custom Design of Your Blog with:
- customized header
- either three or two columns
- 125x125 Entrecard/Grab-Link To Me logo with code
- a mini-digi scrap of your photo posted on the page
- any special request

{This comes with installation too providing I would have to login as you in your account so the work can be done.}

Note: First Prize is open to account with BLOGGERS only.

Second Prize:

- customized header
- 125x125 Entrecard/Grab-Link To Me logo with code

{No installation required but you have to provide me the exact size of your header before hand}

Third Prize:

- $8.00 cash transferred to your Paypal account


- $5.00 cash transferred to your Paypal account


- a 125x125 Entrecard logo (excluding code)

Thanks for taking the opportunity and GOOD LUCK!