Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Special Month

February is a very special month for my hb and I. Not only is it the month of love, it is also our anniversary month. We are celebrating our 7th year anniversary on Monday, February 16th. Having an anniversary close to Valentine's Day has a downside and upside to it. The downside is, I only receive one gift. But the upside though is, the gift is usually more special. I'm not sure if I will still push through with the luxury watch that I'm hoping to get this year. I feel guilty having to splurge on anything given the present economic situation. I don't even feel like going out again on an intimate dinner like we always do. I'm thinking of just making a special dinner for the two of us plus our little tot. The previous years, we had our girlfriend baby sat for us so my hb and I could go out on a date again. It's not very often that hb and I go out just the two of us, but I guess we can do without it at the moment.


  1. Thank you Mira for sharing.Pretty cute way of celebration.Wish you beforehand a Happy Anniversary besides a joyful Valentine's Day

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  2. Happy Anniversary and wow 7 years of married na. Sabi nila pagnakalagpas na daw ng 7 years strong na daw ang married. Well, it doesn't matter thought cause depend on the married life. Anyway, happy valentines day rin sa inyo. Saan ang date ninyong mag-asawa.