Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tips and Ideas for Easter Celebration

Aside from Christmas day, Easter Sunday is another exciting holiday that kids and adults alike enjoy to celebrate. The day before Easter, I scatter colorful plastic Easter eggs filled with candies and goodies around the house that my son will excitedly hunt on Easter day. On Easter morning, we start our celebration by going to church wearing our Sunday's best. Then we take our son to a nearby bookstore for Easter Egg Hunting and Easter Story Reading activities. Afterwards, we will have lunch at our fave restaurant. Other than this usual Easter tradition, this year I am introducing Easter craft activities for my son to do. He just loves to paint and color so I'm sure this will be an exciting craft project to tackle especially so that he can appreciate the exercise already. I found a very interesting site called that not only gives great ideas for egg hunting; egg decorations; Easter crafts and more, but it also gives ideas and tips for easy and creative Easter dinner menu; ideas for easter decorations and Easter party games. I might invite some of my son's friends over for a fun craft activity and I will try the recipe on Easter cupcakes at How about you, do you have any family tradition to celebrate Easter?

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