Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wish of Going Back to Work Again

Before I had my son, I was in the middle of reviewing for the US CPA board exams to further my career. But when my son came, everything changed. My dream of a promising career took a backseat to motherhood and everything else. Being a mom is one tough job, maybe even tougher than the corporate undertaking I handled in the past. It is a job that entails 24/7 attention to details. You are on-call anytime of the day. You are not only a mother but also a wife at the same time. And you have to keep the house in order and running for both your child and husband. In the tough economic situation we are in right now, I am seriously considering going back to work again. Although it will break my heart to leave my son in the care of other people while I'm at work, it's a decision I still need to make sooner or later. I'm considering taking on part-time banking jobs for the time being so I wouldn't be away from my son for long. It will help me transition into the work force slowly but surely since I've been away from it for quite a long time. Hopefully my job hunting will produce positive results.

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