Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Toy Is Right For Your Child?

There are so many toys in the market today, especially now that Christmas is almost in our midst. When I go to a toy store I always have something in mind to buy for my son, usually interactive and educational toys. But when I get there, the choices are just too overwhelming. Here are some tips on what toys to look for and what kids can learn from the toys. Depending on the age of your child and the things that they can learn from a particular toy, here are some tips and guidelines you can follow in choosing a toy.

  • IT'S ALL ABOUT DISCOVERY (Birth to 1 1/2):
  1. Mobile, mirrors, soft books - kids can learn tracking object
  2. Rattles and other toys that make sound - kids can learn connecting noises to objects
  3. Stacking toys - kids can learn hand-eye coordination
  4. Pull and push toys, activity tables - kids can learn how to crawl, walk, stand

  • IT'S ALL ABOUT ACTION (1 1/2 TO 3):
  1. Ride-ons, soft balls - for gross motor skills (bigger movements like running and throwing)
  2. Clay, blocks, crayons - for fine motor skills (smaller movements like squeezing)
  3. Play kitchen and tools, puppets - kids can learn pretend play and role-playing

  1. Puzzles, board games, athletic toys - kids can learn social play, sharing (maybe grudgingly, but that's okay)
  2. Dress-up clothes and props, paint kits - Make believe and imaginative throught
  3. Instruments, building sets - Fine motor control, dexterity
  4. Sand or water toys - for different physical properties (shapes, texture, volume)

  1. Trivia, science and math kits - for improving concentration and memory
  2. Computer games, learning software - for strategic thinking
  3. Bikes, skate, scooters, jump ropes - for honing gross motor skills
  4. Musical instruments, arts and crafts - for creative problem-solving

  1. Hobby kits - for developing talents and interests
  2. Karaoke, trading cards - for socialization
  3. Knowledge-or strategy-driven board games - for playing competitively and fairly


  1. Hi Mira, good question about what toy is the right for your child? I will recommend any educational toys and PBS on the computer. I am not sure if you have seen the video of my daughter when she was two, you can view here. She started reading at the age of 2.

    Btw, it's nice to see your son's milestones. It's good you have those photos of him...good for keepsake indeed.

  2. @Racquel - Yes my son is a PBS kid. Wow, that was pretty good milestone, to be able to read at two! I will definitely check the video out. I'm pretty good at taking pics of my son at every occasion I get ;-) Thanks for the comment.