Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fishing Experience

Last Sunday, we finally experienced fishing with the O'connors together with the Hunts. For over two weeks we've been looking forward to the day and couldn't wait to see how much fish we could catch. I've never experienced fishing at all though Rob fished a few times while still in Connecticut, so I was so excited like a little child. With Laddie in tow, it would even be a great experience because he loves water so much, he would dive in freezing ponds without any warning but it's too difficult to get him into the shower .

The weather was so lovely, according to Mike the water was so calm and perfect for fishing. So at around 10:30 a.m. we sailed into the ocean, boats were everywhere, people were waving at us and we waved back, everybody seemed to be enjoying the perfect day. Michelle invited me to move to the front of the boat to see the view much better. I was scared at first because the boat was moving fast, and you have to maneuver around the side to get to the front, but she held me tight and guided my way through. Then Rob and Amber followed after awhile. The front was the best part of the boat, the feeling of the breeze touching our faces was exhilirating. But after sometime, the waters became rough and we bounced up and down, and it got a little bit scary. Amber got so scared so we had to move back at the back of the boat.

We were sailing fast and away from the shore, only one or two boats were now in sight, then Mike decided to stop, lowered the anchor, and checked the depth of the water. Mike has a GPS and another gadget to check the location of the fish. While we were anchored, the boat was really bouncy, the waters very rough, and the movement of the boat was very intolerable. It really made me dizzy, Kiefer was the first one to go. I was trying hard to control my feeling of sickness, looking away to the waters to calm myself and divert my mind from puking. Then Mike decided to sail much farther because our location was not good enough. When the boat was moving again, I felt a little better, then Mike assured me that my sickness will come to past after awhile. Then when we anchored again to finally stay there to fish, I got really sea sick, I couldn't hold it any longer, and I finally puked, . Oh geez that was really hard and embarrassing, but very relieving. I didn't know Barb also went.

Mike caught a big sea bass just in less than a minute, so the location was really perfect for real good fish. Then he caught two more but just released them back to the water because they're too small. He kissed them first before finally letting them go . Tim and Rob were not very lucky. Rob felt a bite on the hook but the fish got off before even yanked up. But later Michelle was begging Mike to sail back to the shore because we're getting sick one after the other. Mike kidded that next time only men will go fishing, and the women just stay along the shore . Then we docked for awhile on the shore to eat our lunch and grill the one and only fish we caught, it was really good. Tim, Mike and the kids got off the boat to refresh themselves in the waters. Tyler enjoyed the water so much he cried no end when he was pulled out of it to eat lunch. Poor Laddie wasn't able to swim because the boat was too high for him to climb back, and he's too heavy to be carried on and off the boat.

Overall if not for the picnic on the boat, I'd say fishing was not fun . Maybe if we went initially on shallow waters it would have been more fun. But the farther you go the better fish you can catch. But for first time fisher like I am, it would not matter what kind of fish I caught as long as I get any fish bite my bait . Next time shallow waters will be good enough for me if not I would be smarter to take motion sickness medicine before sailing.

Here are the pictures we took of our fishing experience.

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