Monday, August 14, 2006

A Weekend of Picnic and Camping

I had a pretty busy weekend last week, but it was a fun-filled one and I had a great time. On Saturday Rob and I attended a picnic with our close friends in Demarest Lloyd State Park in Dartmouth, MA. It was our 2nd time to hold a picnic like this and we agreed to make this an annual summer activity. Unlike last year where we only had a simple picnic - eating, chatting and walking on the beach; this year we also played bingo and badminton and some stayed through the night and camped at the O'Connors 'campground'. The group was also bigger this year with the addition of new friends like Lea, Joan, Khriss, Yen, Jason and Josie.

The weather was perfect, it was sunny but comfortable, with cool breeze. The children had fun playing on the sand and blowing bubbles in the air. We had a surprise birthday cake for Lea who celebrated her birthday on August 1st. However, we didn't know that our new friend Jason, husband of Josie who just moved to MA from Nova Scotia was actually celebrating his birthday on that exact date. It was their first time to join the group so they must be too shy to tell us about it but had they told us, we could have just added another candle on the cake. Click here to see the pics of our picnic.

Late in the afternoon we called it a day and proceeded to the O'Connors to start a yet another exciting night of camping, bonfire and smores. As soon as we arrived we started looking for a good spot and then began setting up our tents. Barb went home first to pick up their camping gears and ran some errands, when they arrived Tim immediately set up their tent just behind ours. At the far end of Michelle's property, Mike set up a pile of woods for bonfire later in the evening.

Michelle made a delicious dinner of baked scallops, spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread, sinigang na buto-buto (pork bones stew) , salted eggs with tomatoes, fried rice and the most-hated-but-very-tasty danggit (dried fish) . I learned that when you hate your neighbors and you want to kick them out of the neighborhood, all you have to do is fry danggit on your deck everyday . Because as soon as I fry that danggit, all the americans dispersed and disappeared, ha ha, and I overheard Rob who wanted to use the bathroom on his way up to the deck remarked "Oh My God what is that smell?", and he immediately retreated back to the ground . Poor americans, they don't know what they're missing .

After dinner we proceeded to the bonfire area to make marshmallows and chocolate smores, they were yummy not only kids enjoyed them but the adults as well. Then Michelle took out glow sticks, glow sunglasses and sparkles and the children played with them in the dark. We also put a glow stick around Laddie's neck so we could better see him in the dark. Laddie was enjoying the cool and quiet night until Bryan lighted up firecrackers , immediately Laddie jumped up Rob's lap, shaking and wanted to climb all the way up. Poor doggie he just hates loud sounds such as that and thunder. Towards the night there were meteors showers but most of us didn't witness them only Rob and Mike. After they said they did see meteors, everybody slouched on their chairs and looked up till our necks hurt, then we finally quit and forget about it .

It was a lovely starry, cool and quiet night. We called it a night and went to sleep in our respective tents. Our tent became too cold as we tied the flap of the tent up for ventilation, but we slept good, till little Jay-jay screamed in his sleep apparently having some nightmares. Before the camping, Barb and I were teasing about our husbands' snoring, that we might not be able to sleep when the guys start snoring like an orchestra , little did we know that it was tiny Jay-jay who would keep us awake. Click here to see the pics of our camping.

Overall I had a real great time. I enjoyed the company of dear friends and its good to break away from the routine of everyday life.

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