Friday, July 28, 2006

Invasion of Michigan Beauties

We're lucky to be visited again by one of our online friends, another Michigan beauty, Carlota. Yesterday we finally met her in person together with her husband Tom and daughter Julie. We had a simple get-together at our very gracious host Barb's house. It was originally a lunch date but was extended till dinner because of our unending chit-chats . Barb was as usual an expert cook because she concocted a sumptuous dinner in a flash. After lunch, Tom took a much needed nap at the couch charging energy for another long drive back home, while the women took pictures and exhanged stories. I was very fond of Julie, she's so cute and very sweet and most of all was very willing for me to braid her hair . In the afternoon Amber arrived from her camp and instantly she and Julie connected and not long after were playing upstairs in Amber's bedroom. Tyler was grumpy after waking from his afternoon nap but later was in his usual naughtiness showing his antics. It was a great day and we had fun in the company of Carlotz, she was very nice and friendly. Here are some of the pics I took.

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