Monday, August 07, 2006

More on Fishing and Clam Digging

Last Friday Barb, Lanie and I were invited to lunch at our girlfriend Michelle's house. She was the one who invited us to go fishing two weeks ago. We had fresh fish sinigang, fried fish, itlog na maalat (salted eggs with tomatoes) and ginataang bilo-bilo for dessert. The food was so great and we had a good time chatting and listening to Lanie's vacation stories. Barb had to leave early to make dinner for Tim before he goes to work. But Lanie and I decided to stick around, snack on Michelle's freshly picked blueberries and wait for her husband Mike who by the way went fishing again with another group of friends. I wanted to see if Mike could catch better fish now that we were not around, . Anyway Mike and company caught really big ones and I just want to show you how big they were. Remember our fishing escapade from my last post before this one? Had the waters been calm and flat then, these are the kind of fish we could have caught. Click here.

On Saturday, Rob and I went out clam digging again with our friends Yen and Michael at Westerly, RI together with new recruits Lea, Josie, Khriss and Corrine. Actually Rob was not even thinking of coming because he's preparing for a presentation of his project, but I talked him into it with a promise that we will go home as soon as it's over and not go anywhere else. On our way to Yen's place where we will start our convoy, we got screwed up again by Mapquest , we couldn't find our way and we had to call Michael who had a lot of patience to give directions. So we got to the clamming area quite late and we only had 3 hours or so to dig before the high tide comes in. Everybody was so engrossed digging and didn't mind getting wet. I didn't want to get soaked up because I have my 'monthly visitor' so I decided to go back to shore and just eat pancit and biko that Josie brought . Good thing Josie went with me because the gang requested that we bring some back to them. On our way back just about few feet from the shore the water was up to my crease already so I decided to just stay behind.

I sat on the rocks by the shore waiting and having conversation with some guys riding their jet skis. Then when I looked out to check on the clamming gang I noticed that the water was above Rob's waist already so I thought that he might have not noticed that his wallet and cellphone were soaked in the water too. So I tried calling him and Lea but couldn't get through. True enough his wallet and cellphone got soaked and so was Lea's cellphone, they're not working anymore so that explains why my calls couldn't get through . Poor Rob and Lea they have to get new cellphones again. Good thing Lea's was still under warranty as she just got a new one but Rob has to really buy another one.

Anyway, we had a fun time clamming. Mike the pro got 48 clams while Rob an amateur got 25, well that's including what Lea and Josie dug up . They didn't get their share anymore so I promised to cook a good dish and share the food later. I made Linguine with Red Clam Sauce on Sunday and shared it with the girls. Here are the pictures of our clamming escapade.

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