Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tag From Barb

I've been tagged again by my good friend Barb, it gives me something to think about ;-) Sorry for not doing this right away, it took me a while to think about it, lol, just kidding.

4 Jobs I've Had (in order)-
- Bank Manager
- Public Accountant
- Tax Professional
- Stay-at-home mom

4 Movies Watched Over and Over -
- The American President
- Sabrina (the one with Julia Ormond)
- While You Were Sleeping
- Pretty Woman

4 Places I Would Rather Be -
- Toronto, ON
- Victoria, BC
- Tagaytay City
- Panglao Island, Bohol

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year -
- Finalization documents for you know who
- My first time to vote in Presidential Election
- A visit from my father in law from England
- Application for Dual citizenship

I want to pass this tag to 4 other people and I hope you do the same - Zhoe, Joy, Amor, and Inday Fe.


  1. Boooooo Mira.. sus.. I have to make time to do this "homework" K?

    I am not a fast learner you know..LOL.. like you, I have to think about it..LOL..

    I'll do it bukas.. when hubby not in need of my attention.. and my son too..

    tommorrow again

  2. hye Mira.. thanks for tagging me.. btw i've done this tag before but tq so much for ur thought of me... :)

  3. hello dai Mirs, I am finally can turn in my homework. Done it and it's there in my blogger dot com na ID.. ayan..

    I am trying to find out how i can add friends list ba..

  4. To Inday Fe thanks for joining the fun, to Zhoe and Amor, thanks for still dropping by even if you're done with this tag already, lol. Frankly I figured that most people must have done this already but just tried my luck anyway, lol.

  5. Mira, let's go to Panglao. Pareho pala tayong gusto pumunta doon. LOL

  6. We should plan that next time we go to the Phils. at the same time, lol. Rob loved it when we went there, he really likes to go back.