Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fill Me In

It seems that this particular blog of mine is only intended for all the tags I received from friends. Here is another one I got from a new online friend, Butchay.

I AM… What I Am! What you see is what you get.

I WANT… to make a difference and give positive influence to everyone.

I HAVE… a loving and supportive husband and family.

I WISH… I could be in one place at the same time so I can be with everyone I love.

I HATE… hypocrites, show-off, all-bark-and-no-bite people; people without regard for other people's time

I FEAR… of height and being in small narrow spaces (I'm claustrophobic)

I SEARCH… inexpensive but high quality merchandise, I'm on a look-out for budget extender all the time.

I WONDER… why some people don't have a little bit of conscience when they inflict harm on others

I REGRET… being very career oriented and not getting married younger. I could have more children.

I LOVE… God, my family, and friends

I ALWAYS… attend First Friday masses.

I AM NOT… very disciplined when it comes to sleeping on time and getting some rest.

I DANCE… every time I hear dance tunes

I SING… children's songs with my son all the time now, lol.

I CRY… easily when I watch sad movies, or think about my loved ones away from me.

I WRITE… anything from the heart

I WON… $2 from scratch ticket, hopefully bigger next time, lol.

I AM CONFUSED… when talking to most fast food teenager staffs here - they talk fast and to themselves

I NEED… to take a break and think more about my health

I SHOULD… get my scrapbooking started

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… thank God for all the graces received for that day; pray for all my loved ones to be kept from all harm and danger; and pray for another wonderful day ahead.

I know I started this again quite late so most probably everyone has done this already. But let me try my luck and pass this on to Lutchi and Loannah,


  1. thanks for this tag girl..grabbing it now.

  2. I FEAR… of height and being in small narrow spaces (I'm claustrophobic)

    ito ba ang name nito?...ako rin, my family dr, sent me to a Psychologist, hindi nga ako pumunta, kasi isip ko baka sabihin, my deferencia ang utak ko.
    i mean, puro na lang ako drs presently....kaya sabi ko, OO na lang.
    I keep only his receipt for the

    basta hindi na lang ako pumasok sa place na narrow n small at sa mataas height.....

    pero, pag my time na ako, i do it....

    thanks for sharing......

  3. Vk ako nga I can't breath pag nasa elevator ako full of people. I will really wait for the next one or will just use the stairs, lol.

  4. mira,
    ganoon din ako. until now.
    gusto ng family drs. namin to send me
    in psychologist drs,or ano ba yan,name ng dr.
    kasi mahirap or hindi daw ito mabuti....

    hindi nga ako papasok or sasakay sa mga entertainment sa mga parks, kahit ano yan, kahit pambata.

    ako rin, takot sa closed n maliit na place, takot going up, takot kung maraming tao?...mean iyong daming-daming tao sa palibot ko...yon feeling ko na hindi ako maka move?...yon mapanic ako at macolapsed at hindi maka hinga.

    elevator din, full of people and maliit?...yon good for 4-6 persons?
    sasakay ako kasi nagmadali, pero i closed my eyes, hanggang nag stop na kasi-yon na ang destiny ko, pero may kasama ako sa loob, kasi kung ako lang isa.....hindi talaga ako sasakay, kahit na very importante ang puntahan ko...

    thanks for sharing.....pero pupunta talaga ako sa sp. dr. nito....
    saka na pagtapos na ako sa present kong health