Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Worry Free Stroll in the Yard

Wherever I go, there goes my little tot too. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'm sure we will be spending a lot of times in the yard again. He just loves playing in the backyard while I do my gardening chores. But I worry about deer ticks that might be lingering around as we get few visits from deer looking for food in the woods.

I have a friend who has Lyme disease and her children got them too while she was pregnant with them. It is a horrible disease that makes them really sick. So I am just worried about my little tot getting this dreadful disease from the ticks brought by the deer while enjoying himself in the woods. To get my mind off worrying, I searched for information online to learn about deer control. I need to have some kind of deer repellent to make my backyard safe for my family especially my little tot.

I found this Havahart Deer Off II Battery Powered Sprayer that not only repel deer but rabbits and squirrels as well. So it means that I can also see my plants and vegetables bloom to the fullest and not be feasted on by these animals before I can even harvest them. The sprayer is very convenient to use and can be carried around without a problem. I love it that the deer off formula is safe to use in organic gardening as it is made from natural and food based ingredients. This also means that it will not harm the environment and I can use it directly on bulbs, plants, shrubs, and flowers. This is certainly a great buy to keep my plants alive, but mostly for my peace of mind.



  1. As if I could feel the freshness of the air around you there. Super real nature with matching wild deers! Sadly, hard to find that here now. hu hu hu...

    Another brand new week coming!
    Hope it'll be a fruitful one again. See ya, Mira!

  2. Super real nature with matching wild deers! Sadly, hard to find that here now.

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