Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Bug-Free Lawn

Spring is my favorite season of all. I refer to this season as the 'coming back to life' season. After a long cold winter, the trees and plants are sort of awaken from deep sleep and then will show-off their vibrant colors for every gardener's sight-seeing pleasure. I just love to get my fingers dirty digging up and freshening up my garden. It is always something to look forward to. But pests and bugs are also coming out of their hideout to feast on the plants. They are indeed every gardener's nemeses and even the professional ones are not exempted.

I love flowering trees and shrubs of any kind and every year we try to add a plant or two in the yard. But there are pesky insects that feed on these plants that more often prevent them from living longer. So it is frustrating to see that beautiful and expensive flowering trees and shrubs just die in no time. Anyway, I recently learned about a safer way to protect not only the trees and shrubs but also lawn, ornamentals and flowers from killer insects using an organic pest control called Safer Brand Bug Patrol. This organic bug patrol kills over 40 insects on contact. While it can kill different damaging insects, it is however safe and will protect the environment because it is organic. This product is very economical and convenient to use. You just attach the solution to the hose and you're ready to spray and kill both hard and soft bodied insects. Wow I can now imagine having a bug-free lawn.


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