Sunday, March 08, 2009

Less is More For Busy Moms

For busy moms like myself, less is more. I want to simplify things so I can accomplish more. When shopping for example, I would rather do it online since I'm mostly online after my tot's bedtime anyway. That way I can hit two birds with one stone - doing some online work and shopping on the side wearing only my jammies. I don't need to take a trip to busy malls with an unpredictable tot in tow, and come home with only half of the things in my list. That is if I'm lucky. And when shopping online, I don't just shop at any shopping sites. I look for reliable sites that offer great deals as far as discounts and shipping are concerned. I find a very reliable and helpful site in the sense that it returns more results from different stores when you search for a particular product.

Like when I was looking for shoes the other day particularly running shoes for me and rain boots for my little tot, it gave me different stores that carry the style and features I wanted. So more stores means more options to compare and more savings in the process. The way ShopWiki works is it crawls and seeks out every store on the internet the same way as Google works. So unlike the traditional online sites that will only show stores that have paid for placement, ShopWiki will give more information regardless of whether they earn anything from it. Not only that, the best feature that I find very useful at ShopWiki is the Buying Guide they offer that you won't find in other sites. Aside from results I got from searching for shoes, I also got the top picks, video reviews, foot type, shoe types, controversy, insoles, quick tips, major manufacturers, related buying guides, external links and related searches. Basically you won't go to any other sites anymore to get more information, you can find everything at ShopWiki already.

So to my fellow budget conscious and practical moms out there, or to future wives and moms searching for wedding shoes, ShopWiki is our one stop shop in the net.

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