Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Better Alternative to Getting Prescription Eyeglasses

I've been having headaches the past days. I thought that maybe it is due to my lack of sleep or I may have been staring at my computers too long. But even when I got rested already, the headache is still there. So I figured it might be that I need new glasses already. Well it's been almost a year now since I got my present eyeglasses and I wonder if I need a much stronger prescription this time. Oh geez, even if I have optical insurance, a pair of simple eyeglasses will still cost me too much. Especially that I add more features to them like anti-glare, anti-scratch, UV protection and more.

It 's good to know there is a better alternative I can go to online, it's called is an online prescription eyeglasses expert that offers Wide Selection of Eyeglasses at very affordable prices. It is committed to providing its customers with the best and most affordable prescription eyeglasses with high quality and stylish frames plus high index lens; anti scratch; UV protection; quality case and cleaning cloth. The site of Glasses Shop is very easy to navigate so you can right away find what you are looking for. The eyeglasses are arranged by categories like price range; frame styles; material; recommended eyeglasses; and gender. It also has prescription sunglasses and special glasses like bifocal or progressive.

One of the things that I liked about is its Virtual Try-On feature that allows you to actually see how a certain style of frame will look on models with similar shape of face as yours. Or you can also upload your own picture that shouldn't exceed 1MB and see how they would actually look on your face, how cool is that? Since my eye doctor appointment is coming up soon, then I can get my own prescription and order online for additional eyewear. I already have the style of frame in mind and ordering online is such an easy step. I'm glad to have learned about because with them I can afford to have more than one pair of prescription eyeglasses at a price even much lesser than only a pair I could get at my regular eye doctor's clinic. This is a welcome savings for a frugal mom like myself.

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  1. Hi Mira.
    I need to buy a new pair of glasses too. My old lens aren´t working well anymore and it happens the same as you: headaches.
    Passing by to thanks your comments and wish you and your family a good weekend :):)