Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obsessed With Me?

My three-year old son is attending pre-school twice a week and I must say it has been a welcome treat for me to get some time off from him. But that time without him seems still not enough. I still struggle keeping up with chores; online work and studies. My son doesn't take a nap in the afternoon anymore unless he's got a pretty rough day. He literally zaps my energy out during the day so at night I don't have enough energy to go through my usual routine.

There's a mom in my son's pre-school whose son can play by himself for hours so she's able to do a lot of things during the day. Though I find that odd, I wish that my son could play by himself for longer time too. He's all over me all the time. He wants interactive play. He wants to get involved in everything I do in the kitchen, laundry, even when I just take a pee in the toilet. No kidding, he would stand there and hand me toilet paper; new pantyliner and even flush the toilet for me. When I put anything on like my pants, socks or shoes, he'll get excited and would offer to help me. He is playing 'mom' to me, imitating the things I do to him. His words would always include "Let me help", "Let me do", "I do it too mommy". Sometimes I feel like my son is obsessed with me, and its pretty exhausting lol. I guess I just have to cherish these moments huh, like what every moms I know would tell me. He will grow up sooner than I expect and hopefully he would be this helpful and involved in my life too ;-). We'll see.