Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obsessed With Me?

My three-year old son is attending pre-school twice a week and I must say it has been a welcome treat for me to get some time off from him. But that time without him seems still not enough. I still struggle keeping up with chores; online work and studies. My son doesn't take a nap in the afternoon anymore unless he's got a pretty rough day. He literally zaps my energy out during the day so at night I don't have enough energy to go through my usual routine.

There's a mom in my son's pre-school whose son can play by himself for hours so she's able to do a lot of things during the day. Though I find that odd, I wish that my son could play by himself for longer time too. He's all over me all the time. He wants interactive play. He wants to get involved in everything I do in the kitchen, laundry, even when I just take a pee in the toilet. No kidding, he would stand there and hand me toilet paper; new pantyliner and even flush the toilet for me. When I put anything on like my pants, socks or shoes, he'll get excited and would offer to help me. He is playing 'mom' to me, imitating the things I do to him. His words would always include "Let me help", "Let me do", "I do it too mommy". Sometimes I feel like my son is obsessed with me, and its pretty exhausting lol. I guess I just have to cherish these moments huh, like what every moms I know would tell me. He will grow up sooner than I expect and hopefully he would be this helpful and involved in my life too ;-). We'll see.


  1. Hi Mira! All I can say is treasure the moment, the childhood stage is really very brief. When Mikey grows up, he surely would have his own world and hope that he's unlike my grown-up son that wants me to leave him alone. ..Like he's too tired with my one-on-one guarding on his eating skeds and habits. It's tough when they reach the legal age! Hopefully, Mikey would forever be a caring son.

  2. so cute naman of your little one! very sweet. dikit na dikit sa mommy. si samantha rin ate mira, pag nasa toilet ako, ganun din ang ginagawa nya. she would hand me the toilet paper. di pa nga lng cya marunong mg flush kasi di nya maabot. btw, i have an award for you:

  3. Yes, cherish these moments because you will miss them when he grows more independent. My son was just like that. It's not obsession, your son just looks up to you, adores you and wants to mimic you. It's perfectly normal.