Monday, April 28, 2008

What's For This Week?

This will be another week to look forward to, for my son and I. I like to do things with Mikey and I welcome each day with so much gratefulness. I know not a lot of moms are able to share the same moments with their kids for a lot of reasons, so I treasure each time spent with my son.

To start the week, today is Monday and we are going to attend the Mother Goose Monday in Norton Public Library. Mikey will be able to see his playmates again while I will get to chat with my girlfriend moms as well. After our Library stint we will go back home to get some lunch and nap and then later today, we will join the Moms Meetup Group for an open gym playdate at Gymboree. Here more playmates and more moms will definitely attend, so it will be fun.

On Tuesday, we will go to Mikey's regular Gymboree class. He's been attending the Level 5 session and its quite a lot different. The class is more on imagination and pretending, I'm so happy seeing him participate more in his class. On Thursday, he will have his regular session with a teacher from Early Intervention. He's been having sessions with them once a week for 6 months now and I feel like he doesn't need to get anymore classes because he's doing great already. But he is contracted for a year, so 6 more month to go. I always follow up with anything that he learns either in Gymboree or Early Intervention so Mikey progresses really fast.

Wednesday and Friday are open for other pop up playdates and visits to friends and relatives, so we'll just play it by ear.

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